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When Process Processes You

As a writer, process is next level important. More than important. Formative. Significant. Impactful. Well, you get the idea. So important that I needed 3 different words to describe its importance. Some writers have set processes. They have the flash of inspiration, outline, sit down at the desk, and write. I'm usually one of those writers. My discipline game is tight, even during tumultuous times. But what if you're at a point where there is so much upheaval in your life, that your process goes out the window? More than that, it goes out the window, drags a suitcase, and hitches a ride to a vacation at a beach resort far far away.

It me. I'm there.

My life has gone through so much upheaval lately that my process has processed me. She's somewhere, having a virgin strawberry daiquiri, because even on vacation, my process remained responsible and faithful to our sobriety, even she did check out with the tumult.

So, where do I go? What do I do? I can't do the same, throw a wall unit AC through the window and take off, like a bird that flew the cuckoo's nest. Well... I think I have to contend with the fact that sometimes process is bigger than you as a writer. Sometimes, you have to succumb to life's upheavals and just say uncle. Sometimes all you write is a blog post and that's okay. Perhaps while my disciplined process gets some much needed R&R, another process will breeze into town with a nonchalant attitude and won't need outlines or white boards or any of that other jazz. They'll be just fine with conceiving an idea and letting it free flow because in the face of so much daily chaos, what else can we do but body surf through it?

In conclusion, here's a novel recommendation -- The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. Seriously, read it. It's brilliant and a quick read and about so much existence that it made me feel like my soul had been fed. Existential satisfaction, that's what good stories do and that's what The Midnight Library did. Until next time -- write, darlings, just keep writing.

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Sep 30, 2021

any writer who uses candor as a guiding instrument is a writer you should trust. well done.

Sep 30, 2021
Replying to

Yes, agreed. Candor is a sorely undervalued trait in today’s world. Thanks for reading!

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